Easily Embarrassed

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Business jeffrey@retro-brothers.com  
  The project is on ice since 2018. There may still be small things coming in the form of compilation contribution / track updates / remixes, but we're not working on a new album for now.

There is new EE like album output coming from Nick and Jeffrey via their Retro Brothers project. So after checking out our awesome EE stuff, come visit us at www.retro-brothers.com as well.

We're not sure if / when we'll pick up EE for a new album again.
Only time will tell...
The Dutch brothers Nick and Jeffrey van der Schilden, together with Peter Spaargaren, have been exploring musical emotions with deep, atmospheric layers since 2006, forming the electronic act 'Easily Embarrassed'. Combining various styles and flavors, from electro to ambient and from dub to psychedelic, they blend retro synthesizing with today's sounddesign.

Hailing from the EE Studio in Aalsmeer, Holland, they've already earned their marks releasing 2 free EP's "From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning" and "Darkened Emotion". Easily Embarrassed moved on from there, leaving the demo scene behind when they released their debut album "Idyllic Life" on Cardamar Music. The up- and downtempo flows of 'Easily Embarrassed' has developed strongly over the years, not afraid to venture into the unknown, but always staying true to their own, distinct sound.
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